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Help alleviate the devastating effects of opioid, heroin and/or substance use on your life. Don’t wait, all calls are confidential with caring individuals ready to help or just to listen.

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Our Mobile Clinic

This mobile clinic will be traveling to various locations across Greene County to help people who are actively using drugs. You will have access to clinicians, peer advocates and a person to prescribe medications for addiction recovery.

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Why is There an Opioid Epidemic?

  • In 2017 there was an average of 59.8 opioids prescriptions per 100 peopleSullivan, Andrew. “The Opioid Epidemic Is This Generation’s AIDS Crisis”, New York Magazine, March 16, 2017
    in the United States. These prescriptions were intended as temporary relief from major pain events.
  • Due to the sedative effects on the part of the brain which regulates breathing, opioids in high doses sometimes cause respiratory failure and death. As a result, 146 people die from opioid overdose in the U.S. every dayhttps://www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/maps/rxcounty2017.html.

Is It “That Bad” in Greene County & Columbia County? Yes!

Fentanyl linked to Capital Region overdose spike

5/22/2020 Columbia County has had 20 overdoses since March 16 and one fatality, Greener Pathways Program Director Carl Quinn said. In 2019, the statistics for the same time period were one overdose and two fatalities.

Greene County has had 25 overdoses and three fatalities since March 16. This time last year, Greene County had 10 overdoses and two fatalities.

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Don’t Miss the Signs of Opioid Addiction

Save a life by becoming familiar with these Physical Signs, Behavioral Signs and Items to Look for.

Please watch and share this powerful video and learn more at: http://ny.seethesignssavealife.org/.

Created by the New York State Association of Counties.

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Our community-based outreach program is committed to helping individuals and families who are struggling with chemical dependency. Our staff is on-hand to “just talk” or to help connect individuals to the many treatment options available.

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